Portable Space Heaters

Industrial Infrared Oil Heaters

Radiant heat travels in straight lines and unlike hot air does not automatically rise to the ceiling. This allows the heat to be directed where required so avoiding wasted fuel in building up levels of warm air or in raising air temperature of unused spaces, this is the advantage of spot heating. The Val6 radiant heater runs on either diesel or kerosene, which is more economical than gas or electricity. There is no chimney due to the excellent combustion, which requires only a sufficient air flow.

Indoor & Outdoor Use

Infrared heaters the Val 6 & RU 360 are all season heaters, i.e. They also serve in emergencies like flood damage, frozen pipes, heating failures etc, and practically any situation where controlled heat is needed. The Val6 radiant heater is vertically and horizontally adjustable, with large wheels for easy transportation.